Toggle the direction of gravity in order to keep the player on the screen! Try to get to 1000 meters!


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Fun game! I really love the main mechanic, excites my mind in new ways ^^


A super fun game with a very interesting mechanic!

I love the gravity flipping mechanic, and the runner-type style fits really well with it. I'm not very good at the game but it's still really fun anyway.

The level editor was very surprising, but it was a good surprise since I love making levels in games! Though it's a little awkward to use and could be more user-friendly. (Also I don't even know if you can play the levels you make?)

The music is pretty decent and pleasant to listen to, though it makes me wish there were some sound effects too.

Overall, it's a fun game with some great mechanics and I really enjoyed it :)


Thank you! I agree, the create could have used some work. Pressing T did save the level you made, and should appear by random chance when playing, although there's around 13 others that have the same chance of showing up. To be honest, the reason I made that is because it was far quicker to make levels on that as opposed to just coding them haha, and I thought it was fun so I left it in! Thank you for the feedback!